Sample ID * 35D (12562204F)
Owner None
Strain Name(s) B6N.Cg-Dgcr8<tm1.1Blel>/Mmjax; JR12562
Strain ID
Sex female
Platform GigaMUGA
% Het. Calls 0.52%
% Hom. Calls 96.11%
% No Calls 3.37%
% Concordance N/A
Haplotype Candidate False
Notes: A targeting construct was designed to insert a loxP site upstream of exon 3, and a loxP-flanked CMV-HygroTK selection cassette downstream of exon 3 of the Dgcr8 (DiGeorge syndrome critical region gene 8) locus. This construct was electroporated into (C57BL/6 x 129S4Sv/Jae)-derived V6.5 embryonic stem (ES) cells. Correctly targeted ES cells were then transiently transfected with a Cre recombinase-expressing plasmid. The resulting ES cells with the Dgcr82lox (Dgcr8flox) genotype (CMV-HygroTK selection cassette removed; leaving a single loxP site upstream of exon 3 and a single loxP site downstream of exon 3) were injected into recipient blastocysts. Chimeric mice were bred with C57BL/6NCr inbred mice to generate the Dgcr82lox colony. Mutant mice were backcrossed to C57BL/6NCr for eight generations, and thereafter maintained by breeding homozygous mice together for many generations prior to sending to the MMRRC at The Jackson Laboratory Repository. Upon arrival, mice were bred with C57BL/6NJ inbred mice for at least one generation to establish the colony.

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